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Imola Ceramica tiles is a tile brand with beautiful designs and good quality at an affordable price. That is why this Italian tile brand fits in well with Beenhakker Tegels. Imola Ceramica is one of the largest tile producers in Italy. The Imola brand naturally comes from the town of Imola, a beautiful town near Bologna and known, among other things, for the Imola racetrack. Imola has many different types of tile looks, such as concrete look, natural stone look and wood look tiles. Imola tiles has tiles for almost every room, such as bathroom tiles, living room tiles, kitchen tiles and toilet tiles. Imola also has wall tiles, but is mostly known for its good quality through-and-through floor tiles.

We import Imola Ceramica tiles directly from Italy and have a large own stock of Imola tiles. Because of this, we can deliver Imola tiles quickly and at a sharp price. Are you looking for good quality floor tiles or wall tiles for a sharp price, then the Imola brand is definitely a good choice.

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As of July 1, 2024, Beenhakker Tiles will cease business operations. You can still order until July 1, 2024. After that, our webshop will close and we will no longer take new orders. Our showroom will also be closed starting July 1. Have you already ordered and want to cancel your order? Then please contact us.