Cement is used for many purposes and is one of the most important building materials in construction. The versatile product is used for such things as making concrete, masonry, sand-cement floors, grouting and much more. We sell various types for different purposes, such as Portland cement, masonry cement, white cement and quick cement. Portland cement is used for making concrete, floor mortar and grout, for example. Masonry Cement is used for making masonry mortar. White Cement is used instead of Portland Cement when a light coloured grout is required. Quick drying Portland cements such as Kerakoll Keracem Eco are used for sand cement floors that need to dry quickly and can be tiled over even after 24 hours. Quick-cement (hardens within 1.5 minutes), Kerakoll Prestocem Eco is used for fastening things in concrete. Portland cement, masonry cement and white cement must be mixed with sand. If you prefer a ready-mixed product, please check ready mix products.

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We are closing our doors as of July 1.

As of July 1, 2024, Beenhakker Tiles will cease business operations. You can still order until July 1, 2024. After that, our webshop will close and we will no longer take new orders. Our showroom will also be closed starting July 1. Have you already ordered and want to cancel your order? Then please contact us.