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Levelling compounds

In order to make the floor and wall as flat as possible, the floor has to be levelled. Levelling means to make even and is done by using levelling compound. There are two types of levelling compound; self-levelling for the floor and stiff levelling compound for the wall.
Levelling compounds on the floor
Self-extinguishing smoothing compound is used on the floor. When egaline is said, it usually refers to the self-flowing for the floor. Levelling sounds easy because the product is self-levelling, but levelling is actually a much more difficult task than people think. Firstly, the surface must be properly prepared. This means that the surface must be free of grease, dust and dirt. Depending on the substrate, you should use either a primer for absorbent substrates or a primer for non-absorbent substrates. Then the levelling compound should be applied. Do not mix too quickly, otherwise too many air bubbles will form. Then pour out the levelling compound and spread with a smoothing trowel.
Wall levelling compounds (smoothing mortars)
If a wall is not completely flat, a levelling compound can also be used. However, wall levelling compounds are not self-levelling but rigid. A wall levelling compound is often referred to as a levelling mortar. Levelling compounds often have a short working time. When Kerakoll Keralevel LR levelling mortar is used, tiles can be laid within three hours of the mortar being applied. This levelling compound must also be applied with a smoothing trowel within 20 minutes of the preparation of the mortar. Flatten the wall with the mortar, press the mortar well for better adhesion.

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