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Tile glue

In the end, you won’t see any of it, but tile glue is of course indispensable when placing tiles. The quality of the tile glue is very important and therefore we only sell tile glue of the best quality. First, it is important to distinguish between the different types of glue. There is a ready-made tile glue, pasta glue and there is tile glue that should be made with water, powder glue.
Pasta glue
There is ready-made tile glue, paste glue, which you can use to glue tiles. The advantage is that you don’t have to make the glue with water and can use it immediately. You can also stop tiling without having to throw away the glue. There are also disadvantages, the glue is less strong than powder glue and can therefore only be used on the wall. Also, the price of pastate gel glue is more expensive than the powder tile glue. However, many people choose to use paste glue on the wall due to the simplicity of the product. We also sell pasta glue, from the Dutch manufacturer Foby, the Foby copyflex 16kg. We also sell pasta glue in small packages, namely the Eurocol Majolicol 4kg and the Eurocol Majolicol 1.5 kg.
Powder glue
In addition to the paste glue, there is also powder glue, powdered glue that needs to be produced with water. The advantage of the powder tile glue is the strength that allows this glue to be used on the floor. Furthermore, a powder glue is recommended in wet areas of the bathroom, also on the wall. Furthermore, a powder glue is cheaper than a paste glue. A disadvantage is that it has to be created, which entails an extra action. It also gives more dust. If you want to stop for a moment, you can’t use the rest of the glue. For the floor, the powder glue is always the right choice, but also on the wall a lot of powder glue is used. We have various types of powder glue. We have a very good and flexible powder glue for tiles, namely the Kerakoll Biogel No Limits 25kg on. It is suitable for almost all surfaces. The powder glue is eco-friendly. This powder glue we also have in 5kg, namely the Kerakoll H40 No Limits 5kg. If you want to know which glue is best for your project, please contact us.

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