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Tile grout

The spaces between the tiles should be joined with tile grout. This is important both for waterproofing the bathroom and the final appearance of the tile work. Therefore, it is important to choose a good tile grout, both in terms of waterproofness, flexibility and color. If our joint products are of good quality, both waterproof and flexible. All our tile grouts are also suitable for floor tiles and wall tiles. We have two different types of grout, the Kerakoll Fugabella Color and the Eurocol WD 706. Both products are good tile grouts but both have different properties for different uses. The Kerakoll Fugabella Color is a fine joint grout for narrow joints of 0-5 mm. This tile grout is particularly well suited for rectified/calibrated tiles. The joint is available in many different colors and contains natural lime to counter fungi. The Eurocol 706 is a coarser joint mortar for joints of 2-12 mm, especially suitable un rectified tiles with thick joints. We do not recommend this add for joints between rectified tiles.

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