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Dovetailed sheets are often used as a starting point for a tiled floor. For a bathroom or any other living space, it is important to have a good solid floor as a base for the tiles. One of the best ways to get a good foundation is to use dovetailed sheets. It is widely used in the bathroom, but also in the living room or kitchen it is an easy way to get a solid floor.
On the joist, floor boards or profiles
Dovetailed sheets can be applied on various surfaces. By far the most common substrate is the beams already present in the room. Especially when renovating, the old floor is often removed down to the joists. The dovetailed sheets are then applied to the beam layer.

If it is not possible or desirable to remove the old floorboards, the boards can also be laid on the old floorboards. This means you don’t have to remove the old floorboards, which saves time.

When the old beam is no longer present or needs to be renewed, it is possible to lay the dovetailed sheets on new lightweight profiles, the Duofor Combifor profiles. The Duofor Combifor is a complete system for dovetailed sheets, including insulation.

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