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Many tile decors are used in a bathroom or toilet. Many people like to have an accent on the wall in the bathroom or toilet. It is very popular to use the floor tile on part of the wall in the bathroom or toilet. This interrupts the wall tile and extends the floor on the wall, creating a spacious effect.

Mix sized tiles in the bathroom and toilet

Tile mixes are currently a very popular way to add an accent to a bathroom or toilet. Tile strips are strips of tiles measuring 5, 10, 15 cm by 60 cm. Mix sized tiles are cut from floor tiles and can therefore be used on both the wall and the floor. Tile strips are often used in the shower area or for the toilet, but entire walls can also be tiled with tile strips. Because the tile mixes are cut from floor tiles, there are also matching floor tiles in 60×60, 90×90 or 30×60.
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Mosaic tiles for bathroom and toilet

Mosaic tiles are also widely used. We mainly have mosaic tiles that are cut from floor tiles. These are usually blocks of 5 by 5 cm.
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Decor tiles

Decorative tiles are tiles with special designs or images. These tile designs are usually placed between other wall tiles.
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