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Mix Sizes Tiles

A popular way to add an accent to the bathroom or toilet is to use mix sized tiles. Tile strips are strips of tiles, usually in 5 cm, 10 cm and 15 cm by 60 cm lengths. Tile mixes are usually cut from floor tiles, allowing the tile strips to be used on the wall and floor. The strips of tiles used as an accent in bathroom and toilet are usually the same as the floor tile. By using the same colour as an accent and as a floor tile, you get a spacious effect. The most popular combination at the moment is a dark floor tile and dark tile strips, like the La Faenza Cottofaenza MSN and the Imola X-Rock N Mix Sizes. But increasingly lighter tile mixes are being used, such as the La Faenza Cottofaenza MSTC. The strips of tiles are usually laid in a random pattern, which creates a playful effect. However, care should be taken to avoid creating small end pieces and a regular pattern. If you would like advice on how best to use the tile mixes in your bathroom or toilet, please ask us. In our tile showroom we also have some setups with tile strips.

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