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Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are usually mats on which small tiles are attached. Mosaic is often used to create an accent in a bathroom, toilet or kitchen. Mosaic comes in many designs and types, such as glass mosaic. But increasingly, 5×5 cm blocks of floor tiles are being used as accents. The advantage of these mats of small floor tiles is that you can extend floor tile on the wall and still get a nice accent. These mats are also widely used in the shower on the floor. In this way, if there is a drain, the 60×60 floor tiles in the shower can still be used, but in small blocks. In addition, these mats are also often used in the shower, as they provide a lot of roughness to shower on due to many joints. Beenhakker Tegels has various types of mosaic in its showroom, including many mats.

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