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Contemporary Wall Tiles

Many contemporary wall tiles are used in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen, especially the white wall tiles. We have the modern white wall tiles in various sizes and designs. The most commonly used size is 30×60 and we have this in two versions, that is, rectified white wall tiles and non-rectified white wall tiles. Rectified white wall tiles are more modern and can be installed with a small joint. Non-rectified white wall tiles are slightly more classic, but are still very much in use. These non-rectified wall tiles have a small rounding on the sides and therefore have slightly larger joints. Both rectified and non-rectified white wall tiles are available in two designs, both shiny and matt. Matt white wall tiles have the advantage that dirt and splatters are less visible, but they may be slightly more difficult to clean. Glossy white wall tiles are easy to clean, but you are more likely to see dirt and splatters on glossy white wall tiles. You can see the difference, and what you like better, in our showroom. But there are, besides the white wall tiles, also other modern wall tiles such as striped wall tiles. In addition, many floor tiles are also used on the bathroom walls nowadays, which means that the choice is even greater. However, attention should be paid to how well the floor tiles can be maintained. You can view all our floor tiles here. In our showroom we have various examples of bathroom set-ups, with both the combination of floor tile and wall tiles, but also floor tiles on the wall. Come to our tile showroom in IJmuiden to see all the possibilities in the area of modern bathroom wall tiles!

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As of July 1, 2024, Beenhakker Tiles will cease business operations. You can still order until July 1, 2024. After that, our webshop will close and we will no longer take new orders. Our showroom will also be closed starting July 1. Have you already ordered and want to cancel your order? Then please contact us.