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Gres Porcellanato (Through Body Porcelain)

Beenhakker Tiles has an extensive range of stoneware porcelain stoneware, or quality through body tiles. Stoneware porcelain stoneware tiles are tiles using high quality raw materials that are then pressed at more than 500 kgs / cm2. This technique is used to make floor tiles. After the tiles are pressed, the tiles go through a 1200 degree oven. This creates tiles that have very little water absorption. This means that the through body tiles can also be used outside. The through body tiles are very durable and can therefore also be used in many traffic areas, often also in light commercial areas. But the through body tiles are therefore also very suitable for the living room, bathroom, toilet and kitchen. View our range of floor tiles that are stoneware porcelain stoneware below.

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As of July 1, 2024, Beenhakker Tiles will cease business operations. You can still order until July 1, 2024. After that, our webshop will close and we will no longer take new orders. Our showroom will also be closed starting July 1. Have you already ordered and want to cancel your order? Then please contact us.