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Our sponsoring

Beenhakker Tegels considers it important to support the local community through the sponsoring of (sports) clubs, associations and events. Without sponsorship, many clubs and events would not exist, which is not desirable. That is why Beenhakker Tiles tries to support as many clubs as possible, so that residents of the region can enjoy sports and events. Below you will find an overview of the sports(clubs) and events that we sponsor. We hope to support the local community as best we can, as we believe that sponsoring clubs and events is our social responsibility.

(Sports) associations

S.C. Telstar (Professional football club)
IJ.V.V. Stormvogels (Football club)
LTC Hofgeest (Tennis Association)
C.K.V. DKV (Korfball club)
Chess Club Kijk Uit (chess club)
IJmuider Harmonie (Music association)


Summer festival IJmuiden

If you would also like to know whether Beenhakker Tegels could do something for your association or event, please send your proposal and substantiation to info@beenhakkertegels.nl. Approaching us by phone has no added value. We mainly sponsor clubs and events in the municipality of velsen.

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We are closing our doors as of July 1.

As of July 1, 2024, Beenhakker Tiles will cease business operations. You can still order until July 1, 2024. After that, our webshop will close and we will no longer take new orders. Our showroom will also be closed starting July 1. Have you already ordered and want to cancel your order? Then please contact us.