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Tile accessories

Beenhakker Tegels sells various accessories for tiling, such as the tile levelling system, interior sills, dovetailed sheeting and tools for tiling.

Tile tools

In addition to the tiles, adhesive and grout, you will also need other accessories when tiling. The most important is of course the tiling tool. To apply the adhesive you will need a glue comb. The adhesive comb is used to apply the adhesive. In our range, we have a plastic adhesive comb from Eurocol, suitable for a one-off tiling job. We also have glue combs for multiple use, with a handle. These glue combs are available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. The adhesive comb is universal and can therefore be used for both the wall and the floor. This means you only need one adhesive comb for the entire bathroom. In addition, a grouting board and grouting sponge are needed for grouting.

Tile levelling system

Nowadays a tile levelling system is used a lot. A tile levelling system is used to ensure that the tiles are placed completely flat. Because nowadays many tiles are rectified, it is advisable to use a tile levelling system. We sell atile levelling system by Fix Plus. A starter kit contains 100 clips, 100 wedges and a pair of tongs. The chocks and tongs can be reused, but the clips are one-time use. Usually you will need more clips for your tiling project. The clips for the tile levelling system are sold separately in bags of 100 pieces. If you place many tiles at once, extra chocks may also be needed. The chocks for the tile levelling system are also available separately in bags of 100.

Inner doorstep

Another accessory you often need when tiling a bathroom or toilet is an inner doorstep. These are sills that you install in the door frame as a water barrier and as a transition to another floor material. We sell inner door sills in both composite and bluestone. The composite inner door sills are made of quartz sand and are pressed. The composite inner sills are polished and therefore almost impervious to moisture and dirt. The hardstone inner sills are a natural stone and therefore every sill is unique in its colour nuance and structure.

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