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Pattern tiles

Patterned floor tiles for the bathroom, toilet, hallway, kitchen or hall are ceramic floor tiles that are decorated with various patterns. The ceramic pattern tiles resemble cement tiles, Portuguese tiles or Moroccan tiles, but are also insensitive to moisture and dirt due to the ceramic surface. There are many types of pattern tiles in many different colors. Our range includes pattern tiles with a terrazzo look, such as the Xclusive Retro series. This series mainly contains the colors black, white and gray, just like the Xclusive Element . The Xclusive Paint is a very colorful series with patterned tiles, in which the decors appear to be painted. The Xclusive Caribbean is also a very colorful series, but inspired by the Caribbean style. The Xclusive Amacord has many dewy gray colors. The Xclusive Heritage has both gray and warm colors. The Xclusive Timeless is a pattern tile with marble look patterns. With ceramic pattern tile, it has the look of a Portuguese tile, cement tile or Moroccan tile, but the advantages of ceramic tile. As a result, the tiles require little maintenance and these ceramic Portuguese tiles are very suitable for the bathroom, toilet or kitchen.

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