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Tile edge profiles

Beenhakker Tegels has a wide range of tile edge profiles. Tile profiles are profiles that are placed at external corners in rooms where tiling is taking place. These profiles are also called edge profiles, because the profiles are on the edges of the tiles. This protects the edges of the tiles and covers the cutting edge with an attractive profile. Examples of situations in which tile profiles are used are corners at walls in the bathroom, toilet casings and at window frames in the bathroom, toilet or kitchen. In addition, the profiles are often used as a doormat edge .

We sell various types of tile profiles from Schlüter Systems, a high-quality manufacturer from Germany. The most popular materials for profiles are aluminium, stainless steel and PVC. The most commonly sold aluminum are aluminum anodized, which is matte aluminum with a protective coating. In addition, white aluminum or aluminum textured is widely sold. Stainless steel tile profiles are also very popular, mainly in the shiny variant. There are also profiles in brushed stainless steel, a matt version of stainless steel profiles. There are also many profiles sold in plastic, PVC version, mainly in white (BW) or pergamon (W), but also other colours.

The height of the tile profiles are mainly 6, 8, 10, 11 and 12.5 mm. The height of the tile profiles is determined by the thickness/height of the tiles. For 4-5 mm tiles, use a 6 mm profile. For 6-7 mm tiles, use an 8 mm profile. For 8-9 mm tiles, use a 10 mm profile. For 9-10 mm tiles, use an 11 mm edge profile. And for 10-12 mm tiles, use a 12.5 mm tile profile.

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