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Tile Levelling System

Flat tile laying
In order to place tiles flat, it is best to use a tile levelling system. Nowadays a large part of the tiles we sell are rectified. For a perfect end result, the tiles should be placed completely flat. If the tiles are slightly different in level, the shadow effect will make this more obvious. By using a tile levelling system, level differences can be avoided. But a tile levelling system is not only recommended for rectified tiles, but also for non-rectified tiles the tiling is easier and faster than without a tile levelling system. The tile levelling system can be used for both floor tiles and wall tiles. We do recommend the use of a powdered adhesive and sufficient thickness of tile adhesive must be applied.
Tile Levelling System Starter Kit
The tile levelling system consists of three components, namely clips, wedges and levelling pliers. The clips are placed between the tiles, two per side of a tile. With ceramic parquet, we even recommend three or four for the long side. After laying the tile, the wedges go between the clips. Using the pliers, press the wedges into the clips so that the tiles will lie flat. After allowing the glue to dry (at least 24 hours, depending on the glue and temperature), remove the clips and wedges by knocking them away from the side with a rubber mallet. A starter kit 100 basic contains 100 clips, 100 wedges and 1 pair of pliers. The wedges and pliers can be used several times, the clips cannot. For small spaces and large spaces, the starker kit is enough for you. We also sell a starter kit 250 basic, with 250 clips, 250 chocks and 1 basic pair of pliers, for larger areas. Do you have a very large room or do you have multiple projects with the tile levelling system? Then we also have a starter kit XL basic, with 500 clips, 250 chocks and 1 basic pair of pliers.
Extra clips and wedges
For larger spaces you will be short of 100 clips. You can also order the clips separately in bags of 100 clips, bags of 250 clips, bags of 500 clips and bags of 2000 clips. If you are tiling larger areas at once, you may also need extra wedges. The chocks can also be ordered separately in bags of 100 chocks, bags of 250 chocks, bags of 500 chocks and bags of 1000 chocks.

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