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Cleaning products

Various cleaning products may be required both before and after tiling. Both tiles and grout remain at their best when they are properly cleaned. We have various organic and eco-friendly cleaning products in our range. We also sell cleaning products for normal maintenance and maintenance of stubborn dirt and limescale. When tiles are cleaned in time, grease, dirt and lime do not accumulate and tiles stay nice and clean longer. This is important for the appearance of the tiles, but also for hygiene. One of the biggest advantages of tiles is hygiene, but for this the tiles need to be cleaned regularly.
Cleaning tiles before tiling over old tiles
Some adhesives (powder adhesives) can be used directly over old tiles without priming. However, it is very important to clean the tiles properly. First, dirt and dust should be removed from the tiles, using a broom and vacuum cleaner. Then the tiles have to be degreased, for example with Euroclean 014 from Eurocol. This allows the tiles to be degreased, after which they can be tiled. We also always recommend to prime the tiles with a grip promoter, like Europrimer Quartz from Eurocol.
Cleaning tiles after grouting with a cement joint
Cleaning tiles after using a cement joint can only be done after three weeks. The grout must first be sufficiently cured before the cement residue can be removed. If you remove the cement grout before those three weeks, the cement grout remover can corrode the grout and make the grout porous. As a result, you’re more likely to get dirty grout and mold in the joints, and in the worst case scenario, you could end up with leaks. After a few days, however, the cement haze can be cleaned with plain water to remove the worst of it. If the cement residue has not completely disappeared after three weeks, use a cement residue cleaner. We have the Delta Plus Eco from Kerakoll in our assortment, which can be used for the removal of cement sludge as well as for normal maintenance. Gloves should be worn and Delta Plus Eco should be diluted with water.

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