Primers are intended to prepare the substrate for the next job. A primer ensures that the product adheres better to the surface. There are primers for closed (smooth, nonabsorbent) substrates, for open (absorbent) substrates and primers that can be used on both substrates. The easiest and best are ready-to-use primers for a specific substrate, for example ready-to-use primers for absorbent surfaces. We have several primers for absorbent substrates, namely the Eurocol 099 1 & 10 liter, and the Kerakoll Primer A Eco 1kg and the Primer A Eco 5 kg. For non-absorbent substrates we also have several products, namely the Eurocol Europrimer Quartz 1,5 and 7kg.

Absorbent substrates: Gypsum plasters, newly poured concrete, cementitious floors
Non-absorbent substrates: Old smooth concrete floors, tiles, wooden substrates.

If you are not sure which primer you need for a substrate, you can always contact us.

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