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Concrete repair

Repair mortars are ready-to-use mortars for repairing structures. We sell high quality concrete repair mortars. Concrete repair mortars are used to repair concrete structures. In particular, concrete rot, caused by the rusting of the reinforcement steel in concrete, causes damage to the concrete. Concrete rot occurs mainly in balconies, but damage to concrete can occur in many situations. Concrete is one of the most widely used materials in construction, so there is a good chance that damage to this concrete will occur. Damages to concrete structures should be repaired as soon as possible, not only for the sake of the beautiful appearance, but also to restore the structure of a building. If a damage to the concrete is not repaired, the damage can become more severe, which can endanger the structure. Therefore, concrete repair should always be done by an expert with knowledge of concrete structures.
Concrete repair non-smoothing (subsurface mortar)
For repairs of concrete elements where the concrete repair could flow away, a stiff mortar (thixotropic) should be used. For example, when repairing balconies and pillars, a stiff, non-fluid mortar should be used. Repairing with a non-fluid concrete repair is also called chewing or undercutting. The subsurface mortar can be applied with or without shuttering depending on the situation. For example, subsiding mortars can be used to fill the space between a steel beam and a concrete wall. But also the repair of concrete can be done with such mortars. We sell concrete repair of Kerakoll, the Kerakoll Geolite. The advantage of this concrete repair mortar is that it is 4-1. It is not necessary to use different mortars for the passivation, repair, levelling and monolithic protection of the concrete structure, only the Kerakoll Geolite is sufficient. This allows you to repair concrete faster. In addition, Kerakoll Geolite 40 hardens quickly, as the binding starts after only 40 minutes. After 3-4 hours the concrete repair is cured and the repaired work can be put into use.
Concrete repair casting (pouring mortars)
When the concrete repair has to be used in a place that is difficult to reach or when it concerns a floor, a pourable variant can also be used. A casting mortar works easier and flows more easily between tight formwork. In addition, the casting mortar is very suitable for securing metal elements in a construction. The casting mortar is very fluid, which makes it possible to repair hard-to-reach places. For this a good formwork has to be made, otherwise the pouring mortar will run away. We sell the Kerakoll Geolite Magma. An eco-friendly pourable concrete repair mortar. The Kerakoll Geolite Magma also dries quickly, so that the formwork can be removed after just one day.

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